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I was humbled and honored to receive 3 awards from the Pikes Peak MARINE CORPS League this weekend (Oct 5th, 2014).

These were given for the work we do with the USMC "Toys for Tots" program, and the Veterans Rally & POW/MIA RECOGNITION RIDE in Cripple Creek ..... both of which we have been doing for 27 years now.

The Medal is the "Distinguished Citizen Award" - the highest award that the Marine Corps League can give to a Citizen.
I really appreciate these BUT the real credit goes to the Family of Bikers who support these events each year, and our crew of Staff Members and Volunteers who make it all happen.

It's a bit uncomfortable to seemingly get all the credit when I am only one wheel in the machine that drives these events. Having said that, I will repeat that I am humbled and honored.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: What we do is a VERY small accomplishment when compared to what our VETERANS have done for us - all of us - since this great Country was founded. It is the LEAST we can do to try and give back.
...................... Thank you Marines and SEMPER FI!

Jim Wear