US Marine Gets A Little Help From His Friends


Members of the “Devil Dogs” Motorcycle Club accept a check from Stu Sacks – Committee Chairman of the “SALUTE TO AMERICAN VETERANS RALLY” at a recent gathering of Military Vets in Denver.

The $1,000.00 gift comes as a contribution to Former Marine Corp Iraqi War Veteran Sean M. Terry (not pictured). Terry is a Member of the Devil Dogs MC who was recently Diagnosed with stage 3 cancer of the upper lymph nodes, and Esophageal Adeno- Carcinoma. The Marine has been having difficulty Unable supporting his family and paying monthly bills during this trying time.

“As US Military Veterans and Bikers, we look out for our own” said Sacks. “This is just one of the many times that the Veterans Rally Committee has been able to step up and help …… and we are honored to do so.”

While the Salute to American Veterans is not billed as a “Fundraiser” for Veterans, the Rally Committee quietly lends a hand whenever the situation allows. “We had a good event this year, with both the weather and the turnout being great” Sacks explained “The residuals from the Ride and a small collections we do allow us to make contributions like these to fellow Vets in need.” Sacks added “It’s a way to give back – and a small gesture of appreciation for the contributions that ALL Veterans make to out Country for our Freedom".

The annual Motorcycle Rally takes place each August in Cripple Creek.