As far as the rally goes I would start with Wow!! Sometimes as a Soldier of 27 years I tend to forget that there are so many Veterans in our community, and although a lot of people say nice things and proclaim their support to our veterans sometimes it just seems like lip service. I do not believe in my 27 years I have ever felt the pride and appreciation America has for it’s veterans until I attended the 2016 Salute to American Veterans Rally. It was one of my favorite experiences here in Colorado and the appreciation was sincere I believe our Veterans were given as much respect and admiration as I have ever seen.

It was a tremendous honor to attend the First class event and I will encourage as many Veterans as I can to attend. I received a shot in the arm which renewed my commitment and pride of service to our Country to defend the liberties of the wonderful people of Colorado if for nobody else! Thanks again for the opportunity and God Bless you! Your community and the United States of America!

Thomas J. Parsley
4ID DIVARTY, Command Sergeant Major