Jim I am so very appreciative that you were kind enough to invite me to attend this fantastic event. I have been to many rallies all across the country but this was the best by far. The selflessness of the people in attendance is overwhelming. It is very easy for me as a career Soldier to forget just how many people there are out in the our communities that have served and are still serving their Nation today. Seeing patriotism and support of service through the eyes of the community that we all serve was a great reminder of how lucky we are as a Nation to have this comradery and togetherness. It is so very important that we all remember that less than 1% of our Nation will have and has ever served but we all need the other 99% to keep our Country strong and committed to our way of life. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with and I look forward to being invited back again next year!

CSM David Burton
Garrison Command Sergeant Major
4th Infantry Division
Fort Carson, CO