I attended the 30th anniversary of the Salute to Veterans Rally in Cripple Creek and had a great time as always. While this is not my first time attending the annual event I was personally surprised that the organizers would take time to honor the service and sacrifice of the soldiers and veterans of the 10th Special Forces Group. We are normally known as the "Quiet Professionals" for a reason and don't usually seek out recognition of our deeds. I was approached by fellow veterans, other motorcycle enthusiasts and attendees throughout the rally thanking my brothers and I for our service to the nation, after the recognition ceremony brought some of our regiment's lineage and current activities in the war on terror to light. To see the big thank you card filled with notes, heartfelt well wishes or just plain signatures for our servicemen and women was amazing. I met others that I had served with, and hadn't seen in quite a while, and we shared some great memories and stories. We also tried to figure out where those we lost contact with are and what they are doing. The most humbling and emotional part of the rally is the Vietnam Moving Wall. Talking with veterans who point out names and share stories of those they served with is something you don't forget. Overall I had a great time and will attend next year's event.

Andy Tyler (MSG, USSF Ret.)