Over the past 25 years I had seen many videos and read many stories about the Salute to American Veterans Rally but I had not been able to be fully immersed in the experience until last weekend. As I drove into the mountains on Saturday, seeing all of the motorcycles heading toward Woodland Park for the start of the ride, I thought to myself, "Wow! This is going to be something else!" After I arrived in Cripple Creek and was able to recon the area, I was impressed by the size and scope of what vendors were there and the happy crowds of mostly veterans walking around. When the parade began, I have never seen that many motorcycles in my life! And virtually every one of them was sporting an American flag! As the program unfolded, I was emotionally struck by the love and respect that the audience showed for America's military community and our veterans. I am having a hard time trying to think of something that the program may have missed or a salute that could have been made. Your team covered so many amazing and wonderful subjects in your program. I salute you!!!

John Wear
President USMC Vietnam Tankers Association