Dear Jim & Pam

You must have ordered the weather for the parade and other festivities for the Salute to Veterans. It was just perfect.

What a thrill to see the motorcycles make their entry to Cripple Creek and the others that were already there. I do believe it gets bigger each year.

Your selection of veterans to honor is always “spot on” but this year I think you outdid yourselves. I saw many tears of joy and respect when you told the story about the veterans and others that made a home possible for a father and son. Also, what a way to salute another veteran with that motorcycle! And, let not forget the Green Berets - what an outstanding group both on-duty and retired. I’m sure that they are very proud of the permanent trophy on display for everyone to see.

You always invite and honor the POW widows on this wonderful day and we are so proud to represent our late husbands and others that have gone on. Our Rocky Mountain Chapter of Ex-POWs is the only one in the state. We were the first and will be the last Chapter in Colorado and the possibility of disbanding this chapter is looming. If that happens it will only mean that our remaining members will not meet officially but we will still meet as friends and honor the members that made up this group of POWs.

Thanks very much for allowing us to participate with you to honor all veterans and especially the POWs and MIAs. Thanks to you we had a great dinner with the “City Fathers” of Cripple Creek and the special “shuttle” provided. We all appreciated and enjoyed it very much.

Jim, your closing remarks were powerful and reached many that need to hear the gratitude expressed by you in such a moving tribute - thanks.

Ruth Wilber Sheaves, Patricia Thompson, and Doris Stroup